Former ICE Director Tom Homan: “I’m Going To Run The Biggest Deportation Operation The World Has Ever Seen!”

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(WLT Report) – The Former ICE Director under President Trump, Tom Homan, is back with a message for the American people.

“I promised President Trump, if he goes back, I go back, and I’m going to run the biggest deportation operation the world has ever seen,” Homan told Fox News.

There have been over 2.48 million illegal border crossings this year alone and something tells me that those numbers are low and don’t really reflect the full nature of the problem.

Despite this, Mayorkas and other Biden officials claim that there is no crisis at the border, or that they’re handling it effectively.

Personally, I don’t believe this problem will be solved unless Trump is back in the White House…

“Texas installed a border fence to keep illegal migrants out. The federal government came and lifted it to allow hundreds of illegals to pour in. It’s not a crisis. It’s an invasion,” End Wokeness reported…

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