Government Supremacists in a Panic! 61% of US Has Become a ‘2nd Amendment Sanctuary”

Look at the Map! What the hell is wrong with Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. Contact your state representative and give him/her/it an earful – DD

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Globalists PANIC as 61% of US Counties Become ‘2nd Amendment Sanctuaries’

(Dixie Drudge) Americans tolerance with socialist shenanigans is wearing thin. It’s their own fault. The left was warned. Repeatedly… The Bill of Rights is sacrosant. Especially the 2nd Amendment.

They can scream and whine and propagate about “extremism” and public safety all they want. It will do no good except to help identify the Quislings in media and government.

The 2nd and 1st Amendments are the tripwire. Violate our rights and you will find out what woke really is.


More than 61% of American Counties are Now Second Amendment Sanctuaries