Gun control push in Tennessee now Effectively DOA

(It never should have been started. This is what all that Blue State Flight has done for us! – DD)

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(Bearing Arms) – The topic of gun control has been a major part of the news in Tennessee this week. After all, what else was this special session intended to be about?

However, just because Gov. Bill Lee wants a particular bit of gun control–one that isn’t likely to accomplish anything even if it were to pass–doesn’t mean that any other Republican is eager to earn the ire of their base by doing something anti-gunners have been pushing for.

In fact, based on what we’re currently seeing out of the state, it looks like Lee’s hope for gun control, as well as those of anti-gunners throughout the state, are well and truly dead.

“Tennessee Republican lawmakers hit an impasse Thursday just a few days into a special session sparked by a deadly school shooting in March, leaving little certainty about what they might ultimately pass, yet all but guaranteeing it won’t be any significant gun control change.

After advancing a few bills this week, the Senate quickly adjourned Thursday without

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