It’s Worse Than You Think: Social Media Censorship Is Mass Social Engineering for the One World Government

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(NOQ Report) Revelations of government interference on Big Tech platforms as well as the leftist manipulations by those operating the platforms themselves have revealed to many what some of us have known for a long time. We can view it all as an attack on the 1st Amendment. We can see censorship as a way of stifling the ideas of one side of the political fence. We can say that it all impacts elections, policy decisions, and the public’s awareness of important facts that could change the way they think.
It’s all of these, but it’s actually much worse than that. What the vast majority of hot takes and analyses of the impact of Big Tech gaslighting, censorship, and propaganda seem to miss is the most important reason the powers-that-be are doing it in the first place. Big Tech platform control is the key component of mass social engineering designed to usher in the one world government, the liberal world order, The Great Reset, or whatever you’d like to call the end goal of the globalist elite cabal. They don’t just need us compliant. They need as many people as possible to be begging to be ruled in the very near future.
The article below by Dr. Joseph Mercola highlights this in much more…Read the rest