Loser Abrams calls Georgia sheriffs a ‘good ol’ boys club’ while claiming to support law enforcement

(Hopefully two-time loser – DD)
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Stacey Abrams slams Georgia sheriffs as ‘good ol’ boys club’ while claiming to support law enforcement
Abrams has been involved with multiple left-wing groups and individuals that support anti-police causes

(FOX) Georgia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams took a shot at county sheriffs throughout the state while proclaiming her support of law enforcement during a Sunday night debate against Republican Gov. Brian Kemp.
During an exchange between the two, Kemp attacked Abrams for past comments she’s made which seemed to suggest that she supported defunding the police, despite never explicitly stating it.
Miss Abrams on CNN got asked the question, would she defund the police? And she said, ‘Yes, we have to reallocate resources.’ That means defunding the police. She proposed in 2018, eliminating cash bail," Kemp said before repeating his endorsement of 107 county sheriffs across Georgia.
Abrams shot back that she was not a member of the "good ol’ boys club" of 107 sheriffs who, she allegedly, "want to be able to take Black people off the streets, who want to be able to go without accountability." …
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