Majority of American Voters Rightly Concerned About Vote Fraud

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(Real Clear Wire) Watching the news, you’d be led to believe that vote fraud doesn’t exist in the United States. Since the election on November 8, news article after news article has simply dismissed any claims of vote fraud as “baseless” (New York Times and CNN) and “without evidence” (NPR, New York Times, and Washington Post). Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is lambasted for “stoking fears on mail-in ballots.” And the news coverage was no different after the 2020 election.
But American voters aren’t convinced. A Rasmussen Reports survey from late September found that 84% of likely voters were concerned about election integrity in this year’s congressional elections. It was a belief shared by every category of voters, including liberals and Democrats, though they were less concerned than conservatives and Republicans.
Voters thought that “making sure that there is no cheating in elections” was more important than “making it easier to for everyone to vote.” The margin was 62% to 36%. The highest-paid individuals and those with graduate school educations are the most concerned about making it “easier for everybody to vote.” Those who didn’t complete high school and high school graduates were the most concerned about fraud. That hardly fits with fears that voter IDs and other anti-fraud measures will disenfranchise the poorest and least educated.
The slow ballot counts in heavily contested Arizona and Nevada have hardly given Americans confidence…Read the rest