Reversing Out of Global Tyranny

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(Paul Cudenec, The Winter Oak) The root cause of our separation lies in the power which has been accumulated by a criminal ruling clique.

The classic form taken by this violent and thieving entity is the state, but it uses other guises.

When states expand they become empires. When an empire has expanded to embrace everything, everywhere, it has become a global tyranny.

Whatever name power gives to its physical structure – nation, union of nations or world order – this will always be a weapon wielded, from above, against the people.

The bigger and more powerful this weapon, the wider the control it can exert and the greater the damage it can inflict.

Our first priority in rediscovering our withness will therefore have to be a rejection of this power and its vehicles of oppression.

If this rejection happened in stages, the first stage would necessarily be a decentralization of power from the global level at which it is currently exercised.

But we can’t stop there. The decentralization has to go right down through the whole of society to the extent that it amounts to a reversal in the direction of power.

Instead of power imposed on…

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