Should Red State Governors Declare an Anti-Coup Counter Emergency?

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(Wayne Lusvardi, LewRockwell) – When the COVID-19 Emergency and Lockdown was declared in 2020, I went around to my 40 neighbors in the circular drive lived on in posh Rancho Mirage, California to ask about their welfare and to gauge their understanding of what just happened. Every one of them believed that the epidemic was real, not a political coup or spectacle meant to influence already rigged elections. One neighbor hysterically yelled at me to not step onto his property, as I would infect his wife! Later, neighbors would solicit me to get the shot, a sign that they had their own unconscious doubts and needed social support to validate their decision to take an experimental gene therapy immunity shot. I knew then that Virus Mania, not any bugaboo virus, had infected nearly everyone and I had to move out of California.

I ended up moving to Del Webb’s Sun City, a 55-plus age restricted community west of Phoenix, Arizona, comprised of 39,000 people not under the jurisdiction of the city of Phoenix. Many people own guns here but things aren’t much different from three years prior. The mostly retired leisure class that live in Sun City are out golfing and watching NFL football games on TV, without any awareness that the U.S. government has been taken over. Up until 2022, Heritage Americans had virtually no effectual federal representation due to the rigging of elections as the China and Israel lobbies had bought the Presidency and Congress and Neo-Cons launched a war in their interests, not ours.

I almost want to scream at my neighbors that the Republic has been lost, but every time I try, they look at me as if…

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