The Left’s gender jihad is the new face of terrorism?

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(Christian Post) This past week, three small children and three adults were gunned down in cold blood. The killer had a carefully laid out plan to murder as many people as possible to further her social-political goals. According to the FBI definition, this was clearly an act of domestic terrorism. Yet, strangely enough, the media and the White House are scrambling to vindicate the perpetrator rather than call attention to the ideological extremism that underpins this violence.  

Though the shooter’s exact motives, as described in her manifesto, have not been released, the police department confirms that she planned for months to commit mass murder at the Christian school. Several commentators point to the recent surge of what some call “anti-trans” legislation, including those passed in Tennessee, which could have inflamed the sentiments of this troubled young woman. There was also some discussion that she resented being sent to the Christian school as a child. 

As is customary in the United States after a terrorist attack, the focus of the media and public officials immediately turned to gun… 

Is the Left’s gender jihad the new face of terrorism? | Voice