The new face of extremism unmasked: ‘Trantifa’ – the hard-left transgender activists who flirt with violence to promote their radical agenda

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(UK Daily Mail) Julio Rosas, an author who recently testified to House lawmakers about leftist extremism, cites a series of trans extremist incidents, including trans shooter Audrey Hale’s bloody rampage in a Christian elementary school in Nashville.

‘Trans activists gravitate towards these very far-left groups, because they share their anarcho-communist type ideology,’ Rosas told

‘They view the US as systemically racist, that it’s subjugated queer people, and that states passing laws against child mutilations is part of a trans genocide. And they’re fighting back.’

He described a radicalized group of trans activists concentrated on the East and West coasts who coordinate via messaging apps to stage rallies, confront rivals and push their ideas into the mainstream.

The FBI declined to comment on whether it was monitoring violent trans activism, but Rosas, Alsalem and some Republican politicians refer to ever-more incidents that make headlines.

In March, Hale shot and killed three children and three adults at Nashville’s Covenant School. The 28-year-old had started using he/him pronouns and going by the name Aiden.

Police are still studying the ‘manifesto’ Hale…

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