What if Socialism Worked? (Scary Thoughts)

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(Brian Maher, The Daily Reckoning) What if socialism “worked”? What if communism worked?

That is, what if collectivist economics outdid and outperformed free market capitalism… and Marx outshone and outflanked Smith?

Should the United States take collectivism aboard on pragmatic grounds of efficiency? Or should it beg off on abstract grounds of principle?

The United States erected itself, after all, upon the hard New England granite. Freedom and liberty formed her foundations.

Would today’s crop of Americans dynamite the bedrock for a mess of porridge and a chicken in each pot… if collectivist economics proved superior at delivering them?

Today we force ourselves to fundamental assumptions.

Defending Capitalism on Pragmatic Grounds
Read any “free market” economic literature you please.

Take in painstaking article after painstaking article. Pore through…

What if Socialism Worked? – The Daily Reckoning