When you tell mentally ill people that if someone disagrees with them it’s “genocide,” eventu ally they will pick up weapons…

(The only thing I object to in this article is the term, “Mentally Ill.” Mentally ill people who still manage to function in society know it is an atrocity to go and shoot their neighbors, especially children. I think the word they are looking for here is, “EVIL.) Evil has no such reservations. Evil will kill at will and without mercy. Please quit calling mass-murderers mentally ill. Identify them as what they are – DD)

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(Revolver News) There is something very dark and evil brewing within the transgender community. As it stands now, the trans movement is plagued by confusion, mental illness, manipulation, and a demonic spirit that’s festering like a rancid boil. But things have gotten even worse, thanks to media, politicians, and celebrities who are pushing this notion that “disagreement” or “debate”on this controversial issue is somehow akin to literal “genocide” against trans people. This messaging has propelled this already disturbing movement into a whole new and violent direction.

If you’ve been paying attention lately, you’ll have noticed the subtle transformation from so-called “victims” to “terrorists” that’s taken place within the trans community.

We’re starting to see a lot of very agressive and violent marketing campaigns from the LGBTQ. For example, the “Trans Rights…Or Else” movement showcases mentally and emotionally unbalanced people, literally threatening the public with guns.

Accept us, or else…

Or else what?

Well, the shirts they’re wearing leave little to…

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