Will the Last Persons to Leave Atlanta, Houston, and Memphis Please Turn Out the Lights…

(For those of you who created and promote these hellhole, 3rd-world conditions, please exit headed north to your nearest socialist utopia. The interstates are still open for now and I hear there’s plenty of vacancies now in Chicago and NYC! – DD)

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Explaining The Mass Exodus Out Of America’s Large Left-Wing Cities

(Economic Collapse) – Over the past several years, thousands of businesses and millions of people have left America’s large left-wing cities. Of course when moderates and conservatives leave, that just causes those cities to shift even further to the left, and the politicians just implement even more self-destructive policies. So now many of our biggest metropolitan areas find themselves caught in a “death spiral”, and there appears to be little hope of turning things around any time soon. The politicians in these left-wing cities clearly understand that their once-thriving communities have been transformed into crime-ridden, drug infested hellholes, but it would go against everything that they believe to do what is necessary to fix things.

When I say that there has been a “mass exodus”, I am not exaggerating one bit. The population losses that we have seen over the past several years have been absolutely unprecedented…

According to the most recent US Census figures, we are in the middle of a mass exodus from America’s largest and most leftwing cities. The data reveals that New York City alone lost over half a million residents, which is more than the entire population of Miami. Additionally, Chicago, often referred to as “Chiraq” by some individuals, experienced a decline of nearly 100,000 residents. Another notable city, San Francisco, has seen a larger share of population loss than any other major city in the United States.

I love to pick on San Francisco, because it is a perfect example of this phenomenon. It is one of the wealthiest cities on the entire planet, and a few years ago it was bustling with activity.

But now everything has changed. One man recently went downtown to…

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