What is SN.O?

SouthernNation.Org is a news aggregation and commentary website/blog run by a small loose-knit team of Southern individuals.

What SN.O is not:

  • SN.O is not an organization.
  • SN.O is not an attempt to form an organization.
  • SN.O has no desire to become an organization.
  • SN.O has no ill will nor conspiratorial aspirations toward any pro-Southern organization.

Get it straight. SN.O is here only to gather and propagate news and features of interest to the pro-South community.

The SN.O site and/or its content offends me:

That’s sad. We ain’t PC. Click your mouse somewhere else more suitable to your sensitivities. Didn’t click? Still offended? Please accept this token of our condolences ala Travis Tritt.

Is SN.O Independent?

ISN.O answers to no one. SN.O is not connected with or affiliated with anyone. No company or group controls SN.O or has any say in OUR writings. No think tank, lobbying group, or foundation controls SN.O or has any say in OUR writings. And, no political party or grassroots organization controls SN.O or has any say in the OUR writings. While team members all belong to various organizations, their editorial content does not speak for any organization or even SN.O. We are all free to associate or criticize as we each see fit.

What is your philosophy?

We are all Southern traditionalists with deep reverence for our heritage, history, and culture.

How can I get my content on SN.O?

We are happy to take suggested news items, press releases, and promote Southern events. Plus we are always looking to add quality content that meets our standards. Just send a link on the comment page. Be patient, though. All of us have real jobs, too.

What is SN.O’s linking policy?

SN.O is happy to share links with organizations and websites that promote Southern heritage and culture on all it’s forms. However, SN.O reserves the right to exclude any site that is offensive, promotes violence, or promotes illegal/immoral conduct.

What is SN.O’s complaint policy?

While we respect others’ rights to differing opinions, please recognize that the vulgarity and shrillness with which you express those beliefs is inversely proportional to the amount that anyone would or should care. In short, if my great grandpa wasn’t too skeerd to face yankee bullets, then I sure as hell ain’t afraid of your adjectives.

Why the SN.O site?

This site started as my personal news aggregator for research purposes which I used to keep up with news of happenings around Dixie to post on some-called social media. I found it much more versatile than a simple news feed since the stories didn’t just disappear as new news came in. Before I knew it several friends were using the aggregator to keep up as well. Then, even though it was not listed on search engines, others found it. After, the twentieth regular user, I figured why not reformat it and offer it for everyone’s use. So, everyone enjoy and I hope you find it useful.

Deo Vendice. Resurgam!
From occupied Arkansas,
Cpt PeeWee