Twitter Bot Purge

(Twitter deleting the evidence of their bot farms. I lost 102 followers in an instant yesterday – DD)
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Following Musk Announcement, the Great Twitter Bot Purge Begins and It’s Far Worse Than Most Thought

(NOQ Report) Elon Musk renewed his bid to buy Twitter. The social media giant accepted his filing. It’s pretty much a done deal now.
As a result, the great Twitter bot purge has begun. Some conservative accounts noted they thought it was Twitter doing its thing of disconnecting people who actually want to follow each other. This does happen from time to time though at a very small scale.
As I noted, it’s probably Twitter but there’s a slight chance it’s someone else. Let’s start with the Twitter possibilities. The most likely scenario is that they’ve had ways to detect bot activity and can instantly delete bots at will. The reason they haven’t is because the vast majority of these bots are used by China, Iran, the World Economic Forum (or, to be more accurate, the Council for Inclusive Capitalism as the “action” arm of the Liberal World Order), or domestic radical leftist groups… pretty much anyone who hates conservatives, loves Democrats, or both…
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