Dysfunction of Big Education

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The Dysfunction of Big Education
It’s worth considering whether the current public-school monopoly offers a net good.

(The American Conservative) For the first time in recent memory, the state of America’s public-education system has emerged as a disruptive issue in a national election year. Whereas Democrats have traditionally been more trusted to handle K-12 schooling, a July Impact Research survey of likely voters across 62 hotly contested congressional districts found that respondents now believed, 47 to 44 percent, that Republicans could better manage local education. The numbers were even worse for Democrats among parents, who favored the GOP by nine points.
The reasons for this shift are well known: the widespread teaching of Critical Race Theory and related concepts of sex and gender identity, the learning loss that resulted from protracted school shutdowns during the pandemic, and school boards’ resistance to parental “interference.” But as American voters come to terms with…Read the rest