SC Bureaucrats Order Newly-Erected I-85 Flag Pole Removed From PRIVATE Property – Claim Zoning BS

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Officials say Confederate flagpole along I-85 needs to come down

(WCSC 5) SPARTANBURG, S.C. (FOX Carolina) – This week a large Confederate flag was raised along the interstate in Spartanburg County, but officials said the owner has 20 days to make changes because of a problem with where the flag is located.
A FOX Carolina crew spotted the flag from Interstate 85 near Teaberry Road.
According to Spartanburg County councilman David Britt, the flag pole violates the county’s 1999 land use ordinance.
Britt says the property owner was issued a notice because the flag pole is located on a parcel of land that does not have a “principal activity.” According to county ordinance, flags and flagpoles are considered “an accessory activity” and must be located on a parcel with a principal activity like a residence or business.
The owner has 20 days to come into compliance and take the pole down. If the owner does not comply, zoning codes will take next steps, Britt said.
Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) Camp #68 owns property on Teaberry Road where the flag was erected, according to property records.
An SCV camp in Charleston claims the flag, which was raised on Oct. 22, is the largest Confederate flag in South Carolina and its location means “tens of thousands of commuters will see it monthly.”…
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