Usual Suspects After Greenville (SC) Monument Again

(It’s Not the Marble Man They Fear. It’s US! It’s the power we can use to control our own destiny. It’s about time we use it. – DD)
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Confederate monument in Greenville draws renewed call for condemnation and removal

(Greenville News) Two years after a deal was brokered to relocate Greenville’s Confederate monument, a community activist is once again calling on Greenville City Council to pass a resolution condemning the statue and have it removed.
Bruce Wilson of the Fighting Injustice Together organization addressed City Council at its meeting Oct. 10 and called for action.
"How can we come together in unity when we still have symbols of division and hate in downtown Greenville?" Wilson said. "There is no doubt that the Confederate statue is nothing but a relic of the past — a relic of hatred and racism that was designed to intimidate free Black individuals from the time beyond Reconstruction. And here we are in 2022 with those same symbols."
Bruce Wilson, community activist, speaks during a press conference at Greenville County Square, in Greenville, Monday, March 7, 2022.
Councilmembers have said that to move or alter the monument they would need to first vote to request a waiver to the state’s Heritage Act, which is meant to protect war memorials on public property in South Carolina.
"State law prohibits relocation. That’s clear," Mayor Knox White,…Read the rest