A Salute to Senator Tommy Tuberville

(The left is upset that the promotions for their woke affirmative action hires aren’t instantly approved? Since when does the left give a shite about the military? One of the first things you learn is there is no guarantee of promotion. Even at a lower pay grade, the green machine keeps on grinding meat . Keep Standing Tom!!! – DD)

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(TownHall) – Just when conservatives seem bereft of heroes, Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama comes along. He’s doing something that Washington just hates, taking a principled stand in support of a principled position that’s more than just a mere pose. He’s actually imposing a cost on liberal posturing, and it’s driving not only the Democrats but some establishment Republicans up the wall. We should back his play and help the Coach bring it in for the big win.

Basically, Senator Tuberville simply refuses to play ball. What happened is that Biden’s puppet masters – Biden makes no decisions himself beyond choosing between watching “Matlock” and “Murder, She Wrote” reruns – told its bemedaled lackeys at the Pentagon to start subsidizing abortion tourism. It’s an unlawful expenditure, but it’s really, really important to the administration that every part of the government be all in on killing babies, including the part of the government that should be all in on killing our enemies but is now mostly concerned with talking about white rage, forcing people to take vaccines they don’t need, and facilitating drag queen story hours. Senator Tuberville asked the Pentagon to stop doing this illegal thing. The Pentagon refused. So Senator Tuberville refused to agree to unanimous consent to pass, en masse, senior military promotions.

Understand what Senator Tuberville did and didn’t do because – shocker – the regime media is lying to you. He didn’t stop military promotions. Certain senior military leaders have to be confirmed by the Senate. Chuck Schumer is free to consider each and every military promotion on its own merits before…

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