USA Today’s #TEXIT Article: A Masterclass in Misinformation and Circular Sourcing

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(TNM) USA Today’s latest article on TEXIT is riddled with inaccuracies and serves as a prime example of biased reporting. Find out how the Texas Nationalist Movement’s predictions of media misinformation have come true and why this is a sign of the movement’s progress.

In a recent article published by USA Today, author Nate Trela attempts to debunk the claim that Texas has an “absolute legal right” to secede. Unfortunately, the article is riddled with inaccuracies and heavily relies on sources that reference one another in a circular fashion, creating a false narrative. This outcome was accurately predicted by the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM), whose President, Daniel Miller, was contacted by USA Today before the article’s publication. Despite providing ample information and expert sources to counter their claims, none of his insights were included in the final piece.

The fact that USA Today has taken up the TEXIT issue is a testament to the movement’s progress. However, the article’s widespread dissemination of misinformation does a disservice to readers who are genuinely interested in understanding the legal basis for Texas independence. When Miller was contacted by USA Today, he provided a well-researched response, citing specific constitutional provisions, Supreme Court cases, and expert opinions to support his argument. He also recommended reaching out to Dr. Matthew Qvortrup, a highly credentialed expert on independence.

Instead of incorporating this…

USA Today’s TEXIT Article: A Masterclass in Misinformation and Circular Sourcing | The TNM