A Novel Way to Fight Back in Eureka Springs

(Creativity is our only limitation. Too often people dwell on what you Can’t do. Instead focus on a way to do what you want. Come to think of it, it’d really wow the locals if I had the biggest tombstone in our cemetery. Pardon me if I’m in no hurry to occupy the plot though – DD)

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Eureka Springs man says Civil War monument will be his tombstone

(NW Arkansas Demo-Gaz) – The fourth great-grandson of a Confederate soldier said he plans to be buried under a 15-foot-tall obelisk in the Eureka Springs Cemetery.

Koltin Massie said there’s room for his remains there, or his ashes.

That plan puts a kink into an effort to have what some call a Confederate monument removed from the cemetery because it’s a monument — not a tombstone marking a grave.

“I don’t really feel that, personally, we have the authority to remove the monument,” Glenna Booth, a member of the Eureka Springs Cemetery Commission, told the other two commissioners on Wednesday. “It is on his grave. He says he is going to be buried there.”

The commission has decided to ask the city attorney to weigh in on the issue.

“We do have structures that large in a similar configuration here in the cemetery,” Booth said during Wednesday’s regular commission meeting. “I would like to have a legal opinion as to whether we have the authority to remove the whole monument. That’s my concern.”

The city provided audio of the meeting to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette after a request under the state’s Freedom of Information Act.

The monument, which Massie said was installed six months ago, has two plaques on it — honoring the Confederate States of America and United Confederate Veterans. Massie said he also intends to install…

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