Remember the Chancellorsville! The Naming Commission Cannot Control Who We Remember and Honor!

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(Luke Brown, RECKONIN’) – There are many things that anger and frustrate us that the Federal Leviathan government does. The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021 has been one that has really angered and frustrated me the most in recent times. This behemoth act passed by the U.S. Congress over President Trump’s veto created the nasty Naming Commission that is attempting to erase our history by renaming military bases and other resources. Why do they have to be renamed? Because they are named after and honor Confederates. This evil and vindictive act is even going after the beautiful Confederate grave monument in Arlington Cemetery. All of this of course is driven by the nation’s obsession with race and the overreaction to the death of a criminal in Minneapolis during 2020.

One of the changes brought about by the Naming Commission is the switching of the name of a naval missile cruiser. The cruiser had been named the USS Chancellorsville and is now named the USS Robert Smalls by the commission. This cruiser was built and launched at the end of President Ronald Reagan’s time in office. It is amazing how things have devolved in just 35 years. Our government went from honoring both sides in the War Between the States to treating one side as if they are the greatest evil. This comes from our racially obsessed culture, and our increasingly ignorant and apathetic society. The new name of the vessel, Robert Smalls, illustrates how ignorant our modern society is. It shows how they think that…

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