Lawfare Against New College Of Florida Is About Maintaining Leftist Academic Domination

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Lawfare Against New College Of Florida Is About Woke Domination

(The Federalist) – Given the left’s near-total control of academia, you might think the transformation of one tiny state college into a rare example of one that is not a bastion of woke conformity wouldn’t bother them much.

But the leftist establishment, which has a stranglehold on academia and the corporate media, understands the stakes involved in Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ initiative to remake the New College of Florida. If even one small and heretofore struggling public institution of higher learning can be successfully changed into one that eschews the prevailing orthodoxies that are the rule almost everywhere else, it will set an example that might be emulated elsewhere in the country.

That is why students and professors at New College, which is located in Sarasota, have filed a lawsuit in federal court against its trustees, interim president, and state education officials. They want to stop the implementation of a recently passed state law prohibiting colleges from using course curricula to indoctrinate students in cultural Marxist dogma such as…

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