Why it’s a Win-Win. Legislators Now Asking to Add Western Maryland Counties to WV

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(RedStateSecession.Org) On October 21, 2021, five Maryland state legislators (a senator and 4 delegates) published open letters to West Virginia legislators asking the state to annex three counties they represent in western Maryland. Every single state legislator who represents the westernmost two counties signed.
Moving the Maryland / West Virginia border to add these counties to West Virginia would increase the average income of EACH state by more than 1%. This is simply because the three counties have a lower income than Maryland (so leaving makes Maryland richer), but a higher income than WV (so joining makes WV richer).
Of course, the three counties would be joining a poorer state, but the policies of West Virginia are better suited for rural economies and rural (traditional) values. The economy of these counties would improve freed of state regulations…Read the rest