State Of The Union Will Just Be 90-Minute Broadcast Of Dumpster Engulfed In Flames

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(Babylon Bee) WASHINGTON, D.C.—The White House has announced President Joe Biden will be skipping out on this year’s State of the Union address, which will instead feature a 90-minute broadcast of a dumpster engulfed in flames. Both houses of congress are expected to assemble as usual as the raging dumpster fire roars into a microphone.

House Sergeant at Arms William J. Walker will light the dumpster at the commencement of the address. Members of Congress are then expected to applaud in a partisan manner as the cathartic flames burn brightly into the night.

According to sources, this is the first act of Biden’s presidency to receive genuine bipartisan support. Congressional Democrats feel the move to a dumpster fire is fitting given that the president can’t string two sentences together, and Republicans are planning to boo anything anyway….Read the rest at the Babylon Bee