Is the Fix in on Almost Impossible J6 Trial Under 1861 Law?

(Since 1861 almost all "Seditious Conspiracy" charges have ended in acquittal or dismissal. It is such a difficult charge to prove that most prosecutors won’t go near such an indictment. Seeing as the case will be tried in the left-wing enclave of DC, prosecutors must be confident they can convict "right-wing" defendants with an almost assuredly leftist jury – DD)
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(AP) WASHINGTON (AP) — The founder of the Oath Keepers and four associates are on trial in the Capitol attack on charges that include seditious conspiracy — a rarely used Civil War-era accusation that strikes to the heart of what prosecutors say happened that day.
Stewart Rhodes and his followers are the first Jan. 6 defendants to stand trial on such a charge for what prosecutors say was not a suddenly ignited riot but a coordinated plot to stop the transfer of presidential power.
The stakes are high for the Justice Department, which hasn’t tried a seditious conspiracy case in a decade and hasn’t won a guilty verdict since the 1995 prosecution of Islamic militants who plotted to bomb New York City landmarks…Read the rest