Removing Arlington Monument Will End Message of Reconciliation

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(NewsMax) Why should Americans demand reversal of the decision by the now disbanded “Congressional Naming Commission” to remove the Moses Ezekiel Reconciliation Monument from Arlington Cemetery?

Beyond being one of the greatest works of art in Arlington, President Woodrow Wilson declared at the monument’s unveiling in 1914, that it “represented the best of America — a spirit of reconciliation, democracy, freedom, heroism and patriotism.”

Today, an even more important reason to oppose removal is that allowing such an act would validate the woke and communist agenda to erase history, divide America and destroy citizens’ appreciation of and connection to a vital part of their redemptive history.

That radical agenda has crept into our culture for decades, but it greatly accelerated with COVID lockdowns of 2020 and the death of George Floyd. That’s when urban rampages brought unprecedented property destruction across America, orchestrated by antifa — a far-left coalition of cells of violent anarchists — and the Marxist-led Black Lives Matter.

Targets for destruction then shifted to American heritage monuments. First came the tearing down of statues of Columbus — who discovered the Americas and opened the way for European colonization and then came the toppling of Confederate leaders of slave-holding Southern states.

This partial erasure of history won’t appease…

Removing Arlington Monument Will End Message of Reconciliation |

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