The Big RIg: FL Democrat blows whistle on ballot harvesting scheme

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Democrat blows whistle on alleged ballot harvesting scheme, Florida opens criminal probe

Former candidate for Orange County commissioner describes widespread vote trafficking operation in Orlando area, authorities see enough evidence to warrant criminal probe.

(Just the News) Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ new election crimes unit has recommended state police open a full criminal investigation into a Democrat whistleblower’s detailed complaint of a long-running, widespread ballot harvesting operation in the African-American communities in politically important central Florida.
Former Orange County Commissioner candidate Cynthia Harris filed a sworn affidavit in late August with the Secretary of State’s office alleging that illegal operations to collect third-party ballots have been going on for years in the Orlando area where voting activists are paid $10 for each ballot they collect.
She described an intricate system funded by liberal leaning organizations that dispatch ballot brokers into black communities to pressure voters to turn over their ballots. The $10 fee per ballot is divvied up among the parties who help complete the harvesting.
The collection and delivery of ballots by third parties is illegal in Florida.
The newly created Office of Election Crimes and Security did a preliminary inquiry on Harris’ allegations and concluded there was sufficient evidence to…Read the rest

Doubling Down – Florida sends Illegals to Biden Beach House :)

(Libtards are not the only ones who can engage in political theatre – DD)
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DeSantis’ Migrant Plane Headed to Biden’s Rehoboth Beach Home

(Trending Politics) Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis has reportedly sent his migrant plane which ferried 50 illegal migrants to Martha’s Vineyard last week to Biden’s home state of Delaware.
Hypocritical Democrats who vowed to embrace ‘refugees’ had toddler tantrums last week after DeSantis sent a plane carrying 50 migrants to the luxurious island of Martha’s Vineyard, where various woke celebrities including the Obamas and Oprah Winfrey have homes.
Despite the backlash, DeSantis insisted that Democrat-run areas should be forced to take on their fair share of migrants from over-run border towns which are having to deal with thousands of migrants on a daily basis.
The plain-talking governor accused Dems of hypocrisy as they continually encouraged open borders and promised to provide “sanctuary” …Read the rest

border biden Blames Southern Governors for HIS Failures

(Un-American and Reckless like leaving our border wide open? – DD)

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Biden says Republicans are ‘playing politics’ after transporting migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, VP’s home
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott are leading the border migrant transportation efforts

(FOX) President Biden called on Republican governors Thursday to stop sending migrants into Democratic cities and communities, calling such actions "political stunts" and "un-American."
During an address at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute gala, Biden accused Republicans of "playing politics" and using migrants as "props" after dozens of migrants were sent to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts and to Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence in Washington, D.C.
"Republicans are playing politics with human beings, using them as props. What they’re doing is simply wrong, it’s un-American, it’s reckless," Biden said Thursday.Read the rest

DeSantis Dumps Flies Illegals to yankee Vacation Paradise. Welcome to Diversity!

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Massachusetts Dems react after DeSantis transports migrants into ritzy Martha’s Vineyard: ‘Evil and inhumane’
One local representative called the action ‘evil and inhumane’ but said the migrants were taken care of

(FOX) Lawmakers in Massachusetts were tasked with caring for dozens of migrants Wednesday after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sent two planes full of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, a ritzy island located in Dukes County.
On Wednesday, Democratic lawmakers voiced their criticism online after they were forced to act swiftly to provide them shelter, food, blankets and other necessities to the 50 migrants who now reside in their state.
Rep. Dylan Fernandes, a local lawmaker who represents Martha’s Vineyard as well as Falmouth, Nantucket and Gosnold, said on social media that he was part of the logistical effort to welcome the migrants, which he claimed DeSantis sent "to gain cheap political points."
"Pulling into Martha’s Vineyard right now. An island that welcomes immigrants and is stronger and more vibrant because of them," he wrote in a series of tweets… (Sure they do. Welcome to Diversity! – DD)
Read the rest

Florida’s Parents Re-Take Their School Boards

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Governor Ron DeSantis played an active role in getting hard-left activists booted off school boards across the state.

(Patriot Post) It’s been a great week for the Free State of Florida — not only for Governor Ron DeSantis, but for concerned parents all around the state who simply want the best education for their children.
But, we think it’s safe to say, it’s been a less-than-great week for the winner of the Democrats’ gubernatorial primary, Chameleon Charlie Crist, and for those pinning their hopes on him to remove DeSantis from the governor’s mansion on November 8. It ain’t gonna happen.
Yesterday, at a time when he should’ve been saying things that appeal to a majority of the Sunshine State’s voters, Crist let loose with this: “Those who support the governor should stay with him, and vote for him, and I don’t want your vote,” he told a gaggle of reporters with microphones and cameras. “If you have that hate in your heart, keep it. I want the vote of the people of Florida who care about our state. Good Democrats, good independents, good Republicans, unify with this ticket.”
Yep, nothing unifies an electorate like telling one’s political opponent and his millions of supporters that they have hate in their hearts. But we’ll say this: It’s a bold approach. Not even doltish Hillary Clinton, with her disastrous “basket of deplorables” gaffe in 2016, went so far…Read the rest